The Research of Transformation of Popular Culture in Thai Films in the 1980 Period


2005年度 研究成果報告書概要(欧文)


    • UDO Seiji
    • 研究者番号:30185053
    • Tokyo University of Foreign Syudies, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Professor


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    Tokyo University of Foreign Studies


The Purpose on this research is to analizing about the transformation of popular culture on Thai Films from 1980 by comparing to the Thai Local Films in the past to study on the changing conditions of the popular culture in Thai Films at the present time. As the mention above, the project of research in 2004 years was based on collecting the materials research about the history of Thai Films, ( the first Thai Films started in 1890) in 1890 untill the 1980 period and analizing.

The next concept was investigated about the reproduction of consciousness of morality and the mentality theme of the Thai Local Films from 1930 untill 1970. Moreover, from the co-operation of the Thai Film Foundation, many informations and datas can be collected for analizing on Thai traditional popular theatricals, religions, narratibes, folklore etc.

As the result, I have the copies of the important films (the films before the Second World War) as "the King of the White Elephant", "Hotel in Hell", "Paradise in Blind" and from these films, I can realize that in 1950 as the period time of prime minister Pibunsongkhram, Thailand has forced to enter the new style of the modernism period and the former Thai traditional style was faded away.

Consequently, the theme of "The Modernism in Thai Film of 1950 was the research project of the 2004 year. The purpose of 2005 year was to research about the film in 1960 untill 1980, as the report was concerning " Chapter 3, on the analizing of the film director Mr, Cherd Songsri " about the good and peaceful Thai traditional, cultural style in the country which was lost because of the influency of the rapidly development of Thai economy and technology in 1980.

All in all, during this 2 years of research, it seems to me that the important point of the Thai Films is composing with three dimensions (the Monarch, the Buddhism and the People) which formed into one image of "Nationalism". And by this result will be that next research topic.



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